Van oudsher is Poultry Vets nauw betrokken bij de kalkoenhouderij


Fattening turkeys

The fattening turkey sector has been under pressure for many years, mainly due to the high risk of disease and other threats. Poultry Vets has always been closely involved in turkey farming in the Netherlands and we also have good contacts in Germany and other countries within the EU. Poultry Vets has contracts with more than 50% of all turkey farms in the Netherlands. Keeping these animals fit and healthy is a major challenge. We have accepted this challenge and aim to work with the sector to ensure sustainable turkey farming.

Turkey parent stock sector

There are no longer any breeding turkeys in the Netherlands. The hatching eggs are imported from elsewhere, mainly France. In addition, a number of turkey breeders import day-old chicks from Germany. The last remaining turkey hatchery in the Netherlands is located in Heythuysen. This hatchery has been a customer of Poultry Vets for many years.

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